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"Fantastic narrator and story...


This has to be the best book I've ever listened to... 

...shocking, painful, heartfelt and the only book I've felt affect me to my very soul .... congratulations to Betsy Reavley for the words and to Ally Murphy for the perfect narration!


A confident and ethereal storytelling voice

“Working remotely with voice artists can be tricky, but Ally made the experience a breeze. She understood direction quickly and was super-fast with pick-ups. With her unique voice and refreshing professionalism I’d have no hesitation in recommending Ally as a vocal artist should your project require a confident and ethereal storytelling voice.” 

~ Alan McDermott - Secret Sorcery

I was captivated ...

...from the start by Hopes pure voice and riveted from there to the end. Ally Murphy narrated superbly, so realistic and accurate in tone and expression.

What about Ally Murphy’s performance did you like? 

Her voice, and the change over of characters were extremely smooth. To pull off talking as a child, worked and was beautifully haunting.

Ally Murphy’s use of different voices for the protagonists is excellent and her performance great. 

You can recognise who is talking at almost any moment and that makes the audiobook a pleasure to listen to – even if the story is gruesome. Ally Murphy easily switches from one person’s voice to another; she has a lovely intonation and a clear voice.

We use a wide range of voice talent at DreamingFish and can't rate Ally Murphy highly enough! Ally consistently delivers high quality work for us, usually at short notice, and is always available for pick-ups and changes. 

~ Phil Miller, Dreaming Fish.

Let me tell you Allys Story...

I wanted to be an actress from the moment I looked up “Youth Theatre group” in the yellow pages when I was 11 years old. I spent my youth performing in plays, musicals and reviews. Then when I was 17 years old, I got my first TV role and earned my Equity card. In a twist of fate, during an acting class, I met a man who had just got a job being cabin crew for an airline to subsidise his acting career, and I thought that was a great idea! Who wouldn’t want to travel the world for free? So I applied to the beardy man who had an airline and accidentally stayed for 14 years…

Using all that experience

I never forgot my love of creativity and continued to train for years in preparation to land back into the business. And it was quite a journey! The amazing experiences from travelling the world and meeting many colourful characters from all walks of life, means that I can literally bring a world of experience to each role or project. With experience in corporate narration, commercials, gaming characters and motion capture, I will truly take the words from your pages and let them fly.

Let me tell your story…

I own and operate my home studio and am based in Surrey so can easily get to central London or a travel to a studio of your choice!