The Zone

When I was leading up to my last days as a full time corporate employee, there were many things I was looking forward to as a lady of somewhat leisure. I was going to go to yoga every day. The house would be spotless and I’d have the long awaited clear up of all the useless stuff I’d accumulated in my house. Damon and I would take long leisurely lunches and I’d be visiting all my friends and family that I’d neglected whilst flying around the world.

I was wrong.

I completely blame my positive mental attitude that I would immediately get voice over work because that is exactly what has happened and it’s a big one!

I have been lucky enough to bag my first audiobook, a psychological thriller by the author of The Optician’s Wife, Betsy Reavley. A fantastic novel that I absorbed in a day! It tackles a tough subject though, the dog was particularly concerned that I was in genuine danger every time I was rehearsing, and it is particularly tough on the vocal chords as I have to voice 24 characters. Including an African taxi driver, and Indian man, an Australian man, a 3 year old, an 8 year old and several other men and women that all have to sound slightly different. It’s a good job I’ve travelled the world for the last decade and tried to impersonate everyone I met (if you have an accent and I know you, I apologise, you’re in the book).

What I wasn’t expecting was the loss of time…. I have apparently spent the last week in “The Zone”… A magical place that not everybody gets to visit. If you’ve ever read The Element by Ken Robinson, you may have heard of The Zone. It’s when you are passionate about something, and that something happens to be your talent. You get lost in a world of creativity and motivation. It’s an unbelievable feeling to look up at the clock, look down at your work, and when you look up again you’ve lost 4 hours of your day and you’ve been totally absorbed in what you are doing. Yesterday I was looking forward to the annual Guildford fireworks display. A fiesta that starts with a torch procession and ends with a 15 minute extravaganza. I’ve always hated missing Bonfire night due to flying so was excited to be home for it. It started at 8pm so when I began editing my latest chapter at 5pm I thought I had plenty of time. I was disturbed from my work by the loud bangs and the cat jumping out of his skin. I’d missed it! I only looked down for a minute….

So I believe I have found my “Element”, and what a lucky girl I am. If you haven’t found yours yet I implore you to get passionate about something. I can’t tell you how much it enriches your life and brings true happiness from within. I may have a few sets of laundry to do, and I’m a bit worried I may one day accidentally miss christmas or the birth of my own child, but my god is it worth it……