The first day of the rest of my life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

Actually yesterday was…. but I was too tired to start writing about it.

Yesterday, I landed at London Heathrow airport on my last ever flight as Virgin Atlantic cabin crew. I’ve been flying around the world for the last 14 years and this year I was given the chance to take redundancy from my role as a cabin service supervisor and follow my dreams to be a Voice Actor. It was a huge decision. I’m 35 years old and have gotten quite used to earning a regular wage! And it wasn’t a bad life… I got to stay in some lovely hotels (and some not so lovely ones) and meet some lovely people (and some not so lovely ones). I was able to tick off many bucket list items that I could never have achieved had I not taken the job with Virgin in 2002. But recently I have been feeling unfulfilled. I was going to the same destinations, having the same conversations, and spending more time watching Netflix than experiencing life outside my hotel room.

And then I met Damon.

The most incredible man.

Quite simply, he inspires me. He’s an animator and knew he wanted to be that from an early age. He is so passionate about what he does and can easily sit for 8 hours, animating and forgetting to eat. He calls it “going under” or being in “the zone”. And I realised that I was missing that element in my life. I enjoyed travelling but it was becoming a burden and boring me. I needed something creative in my life!

As a child I was always passionate about the theatre and performing. From getting the kids to perform puppet shows in the front garden, to trying to perform a one woman version of Les Miserables for my ever patient parents, I just wanted to perform. I had somehow lost that performance in my life and needed it back.

So after much day dreaming I decided I want to be an actor again. And I wanted to be a voice actor. So this is my journey. I hope if anyone reads it that it can inspire you to follow your dreams. As life is incredibly short and incredibly beautiful. So if you are lucky enough to have any opportunity to be happy then you should jump on that opportunity as if your life depended on it!