As airline crew, fatigue is something I had lived with since I was 21. 14 years of falling asleep in mid sentence, sleeping for 15 hours, getting up to eat all the food I could find before I fell back to sleep on the couch. Or just simply getting to my hotel after a long flight and having a fully dressed face down nap on the bed. You haven’t known sleep rage until you’re 10 hours into your flight, it’s 5am, you’ve not slept for 35 hours and someone is screaming at you because they don’t like cheese and that’s all you have for the breakfast choice.

The look of utter exhaustion after a long LA flight……

God knows how Damon fell in love with me because for the first 6 months of our dating I kept falling asleep mid dinner. Though he did have fun instagramming it…… (the featured image is one of the actual photos he took during our 8th date!)

People who had stopped flying before me had warned me that the tiredness really hits you a week after you stop. I couldn’t believe that I could feel any worse than after a one night Vegas trip but this is a whole new level! It’s like every night’s sleep that I missed over the last 14 years has been building up behind me ready to hit me like an Armageddon type tsunami. And it’s knocked me on my ass. Super bad timing as for the first time in a while I actually have to use my brain and it’s wiping me out! Mind you I think it’s because I’m learning so much and using the old hat stand for actual thinking that I’m a whole different type of fatigued. Now it may be the worry of the US elections or the daunting task of completing this mammoth audiobook in 3 weeks, but I’m not sleeping well. I keep having nightmares that I’m being made to go back flying, I’m going over every bad flight I’ve ever had in my dreams. Damon has caught me waking up screaming a few times and you’ve already heard about my sleep walking antics!

I need peace. I need positivity. I need to realise how bloody lucky I am that I’m actually getting paid to do my dream job! I have taken the plunge into the unknown but it’s my dream and there’s not a lot of people who get to live their life doing that! I’m hoping by writing all this down in this blog, that I’m sure not enough people read for me to be embarrassed, will be therapeutic and unload my exhausted over wired mind. Because I am scared I won’t be successful, I’m scared that people will think I’ve a horrible voice. But I am sure I have a passion. I am sure I have the drive. And after years of convincing passengers on the PA that it really has been a pleasure to have you onboard, I know I can act with my voice….

So whilst I catch up on my entire adult’s life worth of sleep. Please enjoy these photos people have taken when I accidentally fell asleep in their company…